Chocolate melters, chocolate melting machines

The catalogue includes both Martellato’s small chocolate melting machines and the large professional chocolate melters. Meltinchocs are essential tools for chocolate processing.

Precision and ease-of-use are the main strengths of Meltinchocs. A built-in thermostat precisely keeps desired temperature, while an innovative heating device facilitates slow, gentle and even heating. These melters are ideal to hold chocolate in-temper and/or manually temper it.

Made with heat-resistant plastic, the chocolate melting machines can hold from 0.8 to 13 litres of ingredients.

There are four versions: Analogue, Digital, Deep and Mini.





Dry melter designed for ice cream parlours, thanks to its shape and size it is ideal for chocolate coatings of ice creams and semifreddi on sticks as STECCO MOULD. Presented with the classical colour that reminds you of chocolate, to adapt to any type of environment and to be used straight on the counter.  The technical characteristics of analogue melters, the thermostat that allows to adjust the temperature and the extractable tray in anodized aluminium (to make cleaning easier),  make DEEP-MELTINCHOC an essential item.




The digital thermostat and special silicone submerged probe, placed inside the tank, allows you to set and maintain the desired temperature with extreme precision.This model works on both 220 and 110 voltages.



It comes with a practical tank with stainless steel removable lid. The manual thermostat allows you to adjust and maintain the chocolate at the desired temperature. This model works on 220 and 110 V voltages. Analogue Meltinchoc also comes in the Multi-Tank version, ideal for processing various types of chocolate at the same time, even in small quantities and with maximum speed. In the catalogue there are 0,8 liter tank models and one with four 1,5 liter tanks, each with relevant thermometer.



Made with resistant shockproof plastic, this model can be used in both the workshop, for the preparation of small quantities of pralines and other chocolate delights, and in the ice-cream parlour, for the preparation of ice-cream frosting and stick desserts.

The modern and colourful look makes Mini Meltinchoc an authentic object of design ideal to put on display on shop windows or to be used in front of public.

The device comes with a convenient removable tray made of anodized aluminium.

MiniMeltinchoc is available in three bright colours (strawberry red, lilac and apple green) and in the elegant metallic gray version. Watch the video

Size: 26x26 h16 cm
Tank sizes: Ø18.5 h10.7 cm Volume: 1.8 l