Christmas might not be complete without the traditional chocolate baubles prepared using the new polyethylene moulds. Refined and sophisticated, they are perfect to decorate the Christmas tree, to serve a dessert wrapped into a crunchy chocolate shell or as gift ideas in which to hide a surprise.

Thanks to a kit of Christmas chocolate ball moulds – suitable to prerare 12 already decorated half spheres -, the expert is free to give shape to his/her creativity, with the certainty of getting aesthetically flawless results and optimizing production at the same time. In fact polyethylene imprints all the details on chocolate and gives space to the pastry chef's interpretations, who can play with the different colours of chocolate. Furthermore this material reduces cooling time and facilitates demoulding.

To make the spheres easier to hang, the moulds are provided with an easy-to-use hole.

Christmas chocolate baubles moulds: tempting decorations you can hang anywhere.