Themed cookies molds, cannoli tubes and molds

Martellato provides you with tart decoration grids, roller dockers and a series of tools designed to process and/or cut dough.

The stainless steel cutting kits are available in traditional or geometric shapes. They are suitable for plain, rimmed or wavy cuts.

The product range also includes steel moulds in various shapes (flowers, rabbits, hearts, teddy bears, stars, etc.) which allow pastry chefs to express their creativity.

Martellato also offers you plastic grids ideal to prepare themed cookies, with motifs inspired by nature and animals. Other grids can recreate playing cardsand themes from the world of music and transportation. Not to mention the themed cookies molds for festivities, such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween and St. Martin's Day,

In addition, the Italian company produces cannoli tubes and molds and pasta cutting grids made from extendible stainless steel with five or seven wheels, smooth or ridged, ideal for making dough strips of any width.