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One Strip ø 6 cm

Item code: ONE06

Practical, economical, and fast, One Strip disposable molds for semifreddos, monoportions, and individual cakes help speed production, saving time and reducing costs.
Color: White
Product size: ø 220 h 40 mm
Single-portion size: 63 x h 40 mm; Bar size: 391 x 66 x h 40 mm; Pieces per bar: 6 pcs
Productivity of the object: Prod. per teglia 60x40: 6 x 9 = 54 pcs
Pieces in the package: 72 pcs

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One Strip disposable cake moulds allow for a reduction in production time, material and labour costs and a 25% reduction in consumption. With these revolutionary disposable moulds you can save up to 30% of your production costs!

The One Strip disposable moulds are made of 100% recyclable material, allow maximum hygiene without contamination, have a simple and essential shape, a high output per baking tray and are white to allow the professional to identify residues and write on them.

Compared to silicone moulds, they allow for much faster cooling, as well as guaranteeing precise and breakage-free demoulding.

Each pack contains 72 bars of 6 each. They are designed for 60x40cm baking tins, where 9 bars of 6 can be placed for a production of 54 single portions at a time.


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