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Front loading isothermal container MAXI 60x40

Item code: 50CI6040

Isothermal food container MAXI 60x40 with frontal loading, which helps to keep food at its right temperature for a long time. The innovative closed-cell expanded polypropylene structure reduces temperature variations and therefore provides an excellent alternative to refrigerated vans. In addition, the isothermal container helps to dampen any shocks or vibrations that could damage the food during transport.
Suitable for contact with food and for storing standard 60x40cm trays, this isothermal container for catering keeps the organoleptic qualities of the food unaltered. Resistant, hygienic and totally recyclable, it is easy to wash and sanitise after use. It meets the HACCP System regulations regarding food safety.

Internal dimensions: 600x400x500mm
External dimensions: 720x600x630mm
Int: 625 x 425 x 120 - Ext: 685 x 485 x 180 mm
Product capacity: 128,1 lt

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