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Mini Round Push Up Pops - Mini Ice Cream Molds

Item code: GST10

Mini Push Up Pops ice cream moulds, which can also be used as finger food ice cream moulds. The round Mini Push Up Pops mould is easily adaptable also to winter: in fact it can be used to prepare semifreddos to be garnished, for example, with chocolate and marzipan subjects.
The Push Up Pops mould is composed of a stick, a disc, a stem and a lid for storage.

To use it, first of all join the stick to the disc, then insert the stick inside the drum by sliding it to the bottom, alternate the cream or ice cream to thin layers of cake or sponge cake previously cut and finally garnish according to your imagination.

The package contains 100 moulds.
Color: Transparent
Product size: ø 35 h 196 mm
ø 35 h 196 mm
Product capacity: ~ 50 ml

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