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Single guitar with 3 frames

Item code: 50CS200

The new aluminium guitar with unique features is the indispensable partner in every workshop. The tool that makes it possible to produce precise products, simplify production and increase productivity.

In the kit you will find:

- 1 Base 600 x 400 h 100 mm;

- 3 Frames, cutting sizes: 22.5 - 30 - 45 mm;

- 1 Raplette;

- 1 Stainless steel plate;

- 1 Service kit.
Product size: 636 x 442 h 109 mm
Cutting table: 380 x 400 mm

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Its structure is designed to increase the cutting angle by giving greater mechanical strength to reduce the practitioner's effort. The wider and longer base allows greater stability during cutting. The different cutting frame sizes allow various combinations to create mignons, single portions as well as cutting cremini, ganaches, short pastry and puff pastry, all soft masses and raw materials. You will have an optimisation of production, raising standards, efficiency and reducing waste thanks to the sizes specifically designed to fit those of trolleys, refrigerators and others already present in the laboratory.
Hand book of use and maintenance